2017 Annual Membership Exhibition

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January 13 – February 19, 2017

The Membership Exhibition showcases the talents of museum members. It is open to current members of the Albrecht-Kemper. Each member may submit two original works not previously exhibited at the museum. Artworks are divided into nine categories (Oil/Acrylic Painting; Watercolor Painting; Drawing; Printmaking; Photography; Sculpture & Ceramics; 2-D Mixed Media; Digital Art; Fiber & Textiles).  The exhibition is judged and awards presented in each category.

An Opening Reception was held on January 20th and awards were presented.  The list of winners is below:

Category I. Painting: oil/acrylic
1st Place – Jane Kleindl, “Emma”
2nd Place – Tatiana Calkins, “The Last Call”
2nd Place- Robert Peterson, “Barney’s Museum”
3rd Place – Jane Kleindl, “Max”
3rd Place – Sherri Lilly, “Peaceful Countryside”
Honorable Mention – Robert Peterson, “Plate Lunch”
Honorable Mention – Candace Castle, “Curiosity”

Category II. Watercolor
1st Place –Lana Cease, “Restrained”
2nd Place –Donna Jean Boyer, “Sunset”
3rd Place –Deanna Trapp, “Sunset”
Honorable Mention –Martha Greer, “Trudy (short for Gertrude)”

Category III. Drawing
1st Place – Brent Seevers, “A Moment of Rest”
2nd Place –Wanda Taylor, “Goldie”
3rd Place –Wanda Taylor, “Zen”
Honorable Mention –Marilyn Weimer, “Monarch Butterfliess”
Honorable Mention –Brent Seevers, “Winter’s Blanket”

Category IV. Printmaking
1st Place – Don Anderson, “Pebble Beach”
2nd Place –Jacqueline King, “Lo que me dio la casa”
3rd Place –Cynthia Pedersan, “Delicate Flower”
Honorable Mention –Cynthia Pedersan, “Not an Octopus”

Category V. Photography
1st Place –Robert Hixon Hansen, “North Star #1”
2nd Place –Neva Kidwell, “Triangle”
2nd Place –Robert Hixon Hansen, “Milky Way and the Dead Tree”
2nd Place –
Cheryl Sloan, “Kermit”
3rd Place –Jeff Hower, “Lion”
3rd Place –Megan Wyeth, “February Rose”
Honorable Mention –Don Anderson, “Moonrise in Matheson”
Honorable Mention –Jeff Foster, “No Fishing”

Category VI.  Sculpture/Ceramics
1st Place – Ken Gerber, “Mulberry Bowl with Parquet
2nd Place –Ken Gerber, “Elm Burm Bowl”
2nd Place –Leila Hicks, “Big Hall Pot”
3rd Place –Joshua Heimsoth, “Antler Pot”
Honorable Mention –Max King, “Ceramic Pot with Lid”
Honorable Mention –Lin Werner, “Green Bottle”
Honorable Mention –J. Eric Simmons, “Untitled IX”

Category VII.  2-D Mixed Media
1st Place –Max King, “Political Landscape”
2nd Place –Frances Crouch, “Persimmon Tree”
3rd Place –Frances Crouch, “Lone Bale of Hay”
Honorable Mention –Caroline Clark Murphy, “Untitled”

Category VIII.  Digital Art
1st Place –Lewis Greer, “Untitled”
2nd Place –Carolyn Anderson, “Rocket Man”
3rd Place –Mechele Humphreys, “Three Flowers in a Pot”
Honorable Mention – Jeff Foster, “Energy Crisis”
Honorable Mention – Matt Hepworth, “Like, Love, Hate”


Category IX:  Fiber and Textiles
1st Place –Alex Asher, “Blue Horse Blanket”
2nd Place –Sonia Elizabeth Hanson, “Dia de los Muertos”
3rd Place –Ashley Elizabeth Rosen, “Quarry”
Honorable Mention – Karl Marxhausen, “Diary:  in the midst of praise – I am shaped to receive your mercy and your laughter”