2018 AKMA Membership Exhibition- Call for Artwork

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January 12 – February 11, 2018

The Membership Exhibition showcases the talents of museum members. It is open to current members of the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art. Each member may submit two original works not previously exhibited at the museum. Artworks are divided into nine categories (Oil/Acrylic Painting; Watercolor Painting; Drawing; Printmaking; Photography; Sculpture & Ceramics; 2-D Mixed Media; Digital Art; Fiber & Textiles).  The exhibition is judged and awards presented in each category.  The complete list of winners is listed below:

BEST IN SHOW:  Martha Greer, “Shadow Girl”, watercolor

Category I:  Painting: Oil or Acrylic
1st Place – Wanda Greene, “The Diver”
2nd Place – Susan Rose, “Back Road Dreams”
2nd Place- Doug Frye, “Wish You Were Here”
2nd Place – Jon Schroeder, “Gran Porto Real”
3rd Place – Linda Kinder, “Nested Up for the Winter”
3rd Place – Brent Dean, “Shades of Red, Blue and Gold”
Honorable Mention – Brent Dean, “Lady in Coral”

Category II:  Watercolor
1st Place – Martha Greer, “Shadow Girl”
1st Place –Lana Cease, “Annointed”
2nd Place –Jane Kleindl, “A View of Renoir’s Garden at
Les Collettes, France”
2nd  Place –Deanna Trapp, “Jubilation”
3rd Place – Linda Kinder, “Storms of Life
Honorable Mention – Jane Kleindl, “Scenic Spot of
Mt. Laoshan in Qingado, China”
Honorable Mention – Darla Zook, “Rainy Day”

Category III:  Drawing

1st Place – Nora Othic, “3 Clydesdales, Man, Woman”
2nd Place –Nora Othic, “2 Belgians, 3 Men, Dog”
3rd Place –Brent Seevers, “Spring Marsh”
3rd Place –Stephanie Palmer, “Train Station”

Category IV:  Printmaking
1st Place – Alexis Adkins, “The F*** Are You Looking At?”
2nd Place –Laurel DeFreece, “Stot Gun  Cottage”
3rd Place –Cynthia Pedersan, “Between Sky & Water”
3rd Place –Laurel DeFreece, “Leaving on a Jet Plane”
Honorable Mention –Cynthia Pedersan, “Celestial Urchin”

Category V:  Photography
1st Place –Fred Voltmer, “Sunset #2”
2nd Place –Beverly Grimes, “Sunrise in Antelope Canyon”
3rd Place –Heather Groenke, “Rays of Reflection”
3rd Place –Tristen Minor, “Adams Street”
3rd Place –Fred Voltmer, “The Old Farm”
Honorable Mention –Donna Long, “Twin Spires”

Category VI:  Scuplture & Ceramics
1st Place – Lin Werner, “Stonewear Bottle
2nd Place –Frederick W. McDonald, “Wonder Woman A
Bright New Beginning”
3rd Place –Kathy Horniman, “DeSoto Elmo”

Category VII:  2-D Mixed Media
1st Place –Scott Noble, “Stockyards”
2nd Place –Bev Hartland, “Pyrenees Mountains”
3rd Place –Frances Crouch, “Winter at Glenmore”

Category VIII:  Digital Art
1st Place –Carolyn Anderson, “Shapes”
2nd Place –Don Anderson, “Intense Spirit”
2nd Place –Brad Harrah, “Sludge Mental #1”
3rd Place –Mechele Humphreys, “Red Flowers”
3rd Place –Carolyn Anderson, “Circuits”
 Category IX:  Fiber and Textiles
1st Place –Lana Cease, “Transformation”
2nd Place –Barrie Mason, “Mo Caim:  My Circle of

3rd Place –Barrie Mason, “Dreaming Siesta Key”