45th Annual AKMA Membership Exhibition

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January 12 – February 17, 2019

The Membership Exhibition showcases the talents of museum members. It is open to current members of the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art. Each member may submit two original works not previously exhibited at the museum. Artworks are divided into nine categories (Oil/Acrylic Painting; Watercolor Painting; Drawing; Printmaking; Photography; Sculpture & Ceramics; 2-D Mixed Media; Digital Art; Fiber & Textiles).  The exhibition is judged and awards presented in each category.

The exhibition opens on Friday, January 11, 2019, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and ends on February 17, 2019.
Awards Ceremony at 6:00 p.m.

Best In Show 2018 Pictured.   Martha Greer, “Shadow Girl”, watercolor

The list of winners is below…


Lana Cease  Confectionery (Watercolor)


1st place – Charles F. Thompson  Orange Slices and Rind

2nd place – Stephen Bodenhausen  View Over the Rhine from the Munster Cathedral

3rd place (tie) – Linda Kinder  Morning Chores      

3rd place (tie) – Teddy Jackson  Autumn Glow

3rd place (tie) – Brent Seevers  Self-Portrait

3rd place (tie) – Jim Lawrence  The Present is Female
Painting: Watercolor:                                                                                                   

1st place (tie) – Diane Stolz  Twilight Snow at Winter Landing

1st place (tie)- Norma Herring  Autumn Symphony

1st place  (tie) – Lana Cease  Confectionery

2nd place – Darla Zook  Blowing Snow      

3rd place – Norma Herring  Katie’s Crazy Quilt

Honorable Mention – Sylvia L. Cook  Opaline Vertigines


1st place – Jean Terry  Cottonwood Bend

2nd place – Wanda Taylor  Radishes with Shaker

3rd place – Diane Stolz  Peonies and Copper

Honorable Mention – Jean Terry  Evening Reflections

Honorable Mention – Dorothy Tietz  Itsy Bitsy Spider

1st place – Don Anderson  Colorado Canyon

2nd place – Cynthia  Pederson Leaf Story

3rd place (tie) – Don Anderson  Geometric Beauty

3rd place (tie) – Andrea  Aeschliman Within Reach

3rd place (tie) – Ed Powell  Young Woman



1st place – Cheryl Sloan  Mallard at Sands Lake

2nd place – Mary Mc Clanahan  Peek-a-boo Sunset

3rd place – Jan Evans  Waves of Energy

Honorable Mention (tie) – Corinda  Stallbaumer Storm’s Coming

Honorable Mention (tie) – Mary Mc Clanahan  Time on Her Hands


1st place – Brad Kleindl  Tornado Spring

2nd place (tie) – Lin Werner  Tea Pot        

2nd place (tie)– Olivia Greer  Growth

3rd place – J. Eric Simmons  Complementary Teapot & Cups

Honorable Mention – Lin Werner  Clay Basket
2D Mixed Media:                                                                                                            

1st place – Gayle Faulkner  Whoo Whoo

2nd place – Beverly  Hartland Rose Gold

3rd place (tie) – Cathy Kline  Pleui de Rose

3rd place (tie)- Alicia D. Halpin  Polly

Honorable Mention (tie) – Beverly Hartland  Ocean Tide

Honorable Mention (tie) – Max King  Empathy
Digital Art:                                                                                                         

1st place (tie) – Carolyn Anderson  Zig Zag

1st place (tie)- Nathan Seevers  Groucho Marx Portrait    

2nd place – Carolyn Anderson  Grid Square

3rd place – Jeff Foster  Paper Dolls
Fiber & Textiles:                                                                                                             

1st place – Molly Ring  Woman & Bird

2nd place (tie)– Elenor Chipman  Moonlight Moth

2nd place (tie) – Tori Christgen  Room 15

3rd place (tie)- Alex Asher  Goin’ on a Snipe Hunt

3rd place (tie)- Tori Christgen  Room 1


Sculpture & 3D Mixed Media:

1st place – Leila D. Hicks  Zorba

2nd place – Fredrick W. McDonald Jr.  Wonder Woman Joins the Fight Against Cancer

3rd place – Gayle Faulkner  Santa Fe 2

Honorable Mention Leila D. Hicks  Jim