46th Annual Membership Exhibition

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January 11 – February 23, 2020

BEST OF SHOW: Patrick Larsen, Time Machine #1

The Membership Exhibition showcases the talents of museum members.  Each member was allowed to submit two original works not previously exhibited at the museum. Artworks have been divided into ten categories (Oil/Acrylic Painting; Watercolor Painting; Drawing; Printmaking; Photography; Pottery and Ceramics; 2-D Mixed Media; Digital Art; Fiber & Textiles; Sculpture and 3-D Mixed Media).  The exhibition is judged and awards presented in each category.

and the 46th Annual Membership Exhibition winners are…


Patrick Larsen, Time Machine #1


1 -Painting: Oil or Acrylic

1st       Linda Kinder, Last Light

2nd     LeDonna McIntosh,   North, 17.OCT.18

3rd      James D. Lawrence, Witness

HM      Sherri Lilly, Hay Bales in the Summer


2 – Painting: Watercolor

1st       Lana Cease, The Hoard

2nd     Homer Janssens, Plein Air Kansas City Zoo

3rd      Norma Herring, Sunflower of the Rockies


3-Drawing: Pencil, Pastel, Pen and Ink

1st       Ruthie Ingram, Thunder Hawk

2nd     Angela Boatwright, Untitled

3rd      Wanda Taylor, Prairie Storm

3rd      Ruthie Ingram, Meadow Song

HM      Wanda Taylor, Ethel’s Fancy Shoe


4- Printmaking: Engraving, Woodcut, Serigrapy, etc.

1st       Don Anderson, Moonlit Tree

2nd     Jacqueline King, …and She Sat

3rd      Jacqueline King, La Salida de Incendios


5- Photography

1st       Mary McClanahan, End of the Trail

2nd     Lana Cease, Riley

3rd      Megan S. Wyeth, Blue Field

HM      Phillip Geller, Sitting on my Can

HM      Megan S. Wyeth, Autumnal


6- Ceramics

1st       Leila Hicks, Bag Pot

2nd     Patrick Larsen, Sail Boat

3rd      Lin Werner, Sycamore Leaf



7- 2D Mixed Media

1st       Norma Herring, Woodland Orchids

2nd     Laurel DeFreece, Orange & Black

3rd      Frances Crouch, My Poppy Garden

HM      Jacque L. Defenbaugh, Adolescence: Look… Don’t Look

HM      Frances Crouch, Grapes on the Vine


8 -Digital Art

1st       Carolyn Anderson, Lost Time

2nd     Jeff Foster, The Prophet


9-Fiber & Textiles

1st       Elenor Chipman, Dragonfly Kimono

2nd     Barrie Mason, Skin Deep


10- Sculpture & 3D Mixed Media

1st       Patrick Larsen, Time Machine #1

29        Alicia   Halpin, MCT Bike Trails

28        Alicia   Halpin, Three Cracked Eggs

31        Leila    Hicks, Kinetic Time Machine