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OPENING: TUESDAY, MAY 8 (4:00-5:30 p.m.) – AUGUST, 2018

Students from United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) inclusive preschool and the Albrecht-Kemper Kids Media Mix-Up art class display their art in this special exhibition.

The artists ages range from four to twelve years old and include children from diverse backgrounds and experiences. UCP is the only fully integrated preschool in Northwest Missouri designed to meet the needs of all children in an inclusive environment. The afterschool art program is open to the public and is designed to encourage children to explore their creativity in a supportive, visually engaging environment.

In an age when the arts are at risk due to funding shortages and other influences, it is so important to keep the arts available to our children. The art-making process is essential to cognitive and emotional growth. Given the opportunity, all children will create. It is our responsibility to allow for and encourage these opportunities and appreciate the true innocence and beauty of a child’s perspective.

“A child’s attitude towards everything is an artist’s attitude.” -Willa Cather