Jeff Foster: Salmagundi *

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April 10 – June 7, 2015

Jeff Foster is a native of Maryville, Missouri with a family tradition of music,radio and television.  Jeff wrote poetry before turning to his more visual work.  Beginning in 2000 with disposable cameras, Jeff began creating, with his influence being both painters and photographers.

*Salmagundi means a mixture arranged in rows for contrast.

Artist’s Statement: “I capture the emotional,mental and spiritual condition of whatever particuliar piece I am working on.The seemingly invisible I visibly portray. A feminine touch of photographed   and manipulated fills,scans,fills,selections and textures. I am challenged to create from what doesn’t have form,boundary or perception. To harness and solidify that essence and yet leave the ethereal DNA. I am  a mixed media artist speaking of displacement and abandonment constantly restless,self critical and pushing myself to greater risks.”
You can learn more about Jeff Foster at .bed time story.web

There is no charge to attend the reception.