Kansas City Society for Contemporary Photography: Sense of Place

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April 7 – June 4, 2017

“Green Summit” by John Hans

“Sense of Place” explores the relationship between place and culture, in addition to individual and collective identity.

An artist’s relationship to geography, topography, and the land, can assist in the study and utilization of its effects on character and psyche in their art process. For others this the way place impacts the feeling and perception of those who reside and work in a specific place. However, place can define a culture and shape identity by living in and absorbing the environment.  An artist may delve into how geography and culture interact, as well as shape and define a culture.

A sense of place can define where we live as special or unique, and that foster a sense of attachment, authenticity and a profound sense of belonging.”

The Kansas City Society for Contemporary Photography is a community of regional photographers and collectors presenting and promoting the photographic arts. Originally founded in 1984 to promote contemporary photo media and its interconnection with wider art practices, the group dissolved in 2007. The society relaunched in 2014 to continue this original mission and continue to support local photographic artists.

The public is invited to meet the artists at an Opening Reception on Friday, April 7th from 4-7 pm. There is no charge to attend the Opening.