Pattern: Repeat ~ Quilts from Tula Pink & Luke Haynes

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June 8 – September 7, 2014

Tula Pink is a dynamic young artist known for her fabric design and textile work.  She graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in L.A..  After graduation she worked as an Exhibit Designer for museums in L.A.. Her love of fabric design and sewing took her to Albuquerque, where her first line of fabric was produced. She lives in the Midwest, but travels the globe sharing her love of fabric, quilting, and textile art. Her enthusiasm and love of her art is contagious and has given her the reputation of being a premier artist and designer.

Luke Haynes is a designer working with fabric to create objects and exhibitions. His work seeks to change the way viewers understand utility based objects. His work hangs in collections, homes and museums across the United States and internationally.  He is up-and-coming while continuing to innovate and design new ways to create art. His work is currently in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum, the American Folk art Museum, Newark Museum and the Headquarters of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation just to name a few. He shows across the country and internationally.  He currently lives  in Los Angles California.  His works can be classified as quilts since they follow the traditional methods of construction, but they are much more. His concepts and images pull from the annals of historical painting and sculpture but are also allowed to pull from craft and the domestic since the medium is atypical, this allows for pieces that have multi layers of visual as well as conceptual intrigue.
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The public was invited to meet the artists at an Opening Reception on Saturday, June 14th.  There was no charge for this event.