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June 10th – September 11th, 2016

Carol Zastoupil Spring Creek RoadRE: GENERATION
Often people think of teachers as “givers” when in fact, there is much gained from the exchange of ideas in educational settings. This is evident in the works of the Albrecht-Kemper seven-woman show, “Re: Generation”. These Kansas City artists and teachers have moved in converging circles for many years, drawn together as friends and colleagues, though not as collaborators. Each has experienced the same generational events, spent professional careers as artist-teachers and arrived at a time of life when studio practice can be paramount and uninterrupted. Following unique paths of expression, they work in two and three dimensions through painting, printmaking, photography and multi-media; their work is figurative, representational, abstract, surreal, and sensuous. Their work also displays the regenerative energy of their art processes, which have brought them to the unique visions that are exhibited in this show.Blue Sunflower
~Sharon Hunter-Putsch looks to family histories via old photographs and transforms them into monumental images. Her figurative oil paintings derive from particular families but speak eloquently of all families.
~Catherine Vesce’s complex technique and visual language merge to produce large scale Relief Monotype prints, complex layered images that equate the creative process of her printmaking to the deepwoods of childhood memory and imagination.
~As a painter, Diana Werts shares her unique perspective on plants in their natural habitat, with the intent of coaxing the viewer into nature’s inner sanctum. Her work couples intuition with observation, and emotion with research.
~Lynn Richardson, using graphite on paper, produces rich tactile illusions, the figure as topography.
~Carol Zastoupil, in oil, gives us a window into a rolling private imaginary land that is full of rhythm and delight. One wants to go there.
~Megan Wyeth, with her classical photographic technique, meditates on the natural world and its quiet mysteries.
~Donna Bachmann, doing the most sculptural work of the group, produces decorative and abstract assemblages with a recurring menagerie of things whose unknown histories add a layer of mystery and narrative to her work.

An evening with the RE: GENERATION Artists will be held Thursday, September 1st.  The public is invited to a panel discussion in the Boder Theater on the lower level of the museum for a chance to get to know each artist, and to hear their stories.   A cash bar and some light hors d’oeuvres will be served.