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Douglass Shaw Elder: OKecoSCAPES

APRIL 17th  – JUNE 7th, 2020   OKecoSCAPESis the most recent in the SCAPES series of sculptures and drawings by Elder. SCAPES takes an abstract perspective, observing the cycles of nature that inevitably direct and influence all life forms. The... View More

2020 AKMA Juried Undergraduate Exhibition

APRIL 17th  – JUNE 7th, 2020 The mission of the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art is to bring the excitement of American visual arts to the region through education, temporary exhibitions, the permanent collection, and the nurturing of regional artists. What... View More

The Painted Poster Study: Workshop with Cody Wheelock

Learn how you can vastly improve your paintings by developing a consistent poster study practice.  A poster study is a small, quickly executed painting that captures the essence of a subject.  Instructor Cody Wheelock will introduce students to the concept... View More

Painting the Heartland with Larry DeGraff

July 30-31, 20209:30 am – 4:00 pmClass Price: $200 (includes lunch) In this two-day workshop, we will leave the mountains and seacoast behind and focus on painting the subtle but profoundly moving midwest landscape. Whether it’s the countryside with it’s... View More

Bold Strokes of Landscape Painting with Donna Bland

April 1, 2, 3, 20209:30 am – 4:00 pmClass Price $300 Join artist and instructor, Donna Bland, for an unforgettable and informative art adventure in value study, color mixing, and design while creating a beautiful landscape painting. Donna’s follow-along technique... View More

Blending Colored Pencil: Workshop with Wanda Taylor

During this colored pencil workshop, students will experiment with blending colored pencils with various solvents. Bring your regular supplies for colored pencil workshops as Wanda will be providing an assortment of blenders and blending mediums. And, as always, this workshop... View More

AKMA Juried Undergraduate Exhibition

April 17 – June 7, 2020AKMA Juried Undergraduate Exhibition Registration deadline: February 10, 2020, 11:59pm: (online submission or postmark for mailed entries)entries) Please see the following form for rules and entry: Undergraduate Exhibition Entry Form There is a $10 entry fee... View More

Mud, Darkness, Wind, Smoke, Fire…Dooley Lawrence

January 17 – April 8 Mud, Darkness, Wind, Smoke, Fire…Dooley Lawrence St. Joseph local artist and pioneer, Dooley Lawrence’s exhibition highlights his thirty-five-year career. Includes paintings, pottery, and other media. “My best attempt to turn your eyes and get some... View More