Watercolor American Flag Painting with Lana Cease

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Looking to refine your watercolor skills? Get patriotic and paint an American flag in watercolor with artist, Lana Cease. Lana is known for her hyper-realistic paintings. If you know the basics of watercolor painting then you will enjoy this class, whether you are a beginner or experienced watercolor painter. Lana’s teaching style is very relaxed, yet informative. Prepare to have that “aha” moment!

“Painting in a realistic realm I find to be meditative and soothing work.  To me, realism is much like math, in that both brings me a calm knowing that there’s only one true answer of what the outcome should look like. I am drawn towards the brightness of light but also the shadows that it casts, as I find both are required to create a balance in a piece of art.  I find myself occasionally leaning towards darker art, which I feel balances my view of the world as a reminder that not everything is perfect.” – Lana Cease

For the safety of staff and visitors the museum is requiring everyone to wear a face mask at all times when inside the museum. Class sizes are limited due to social distancing rules. Lana’s last class filled to capacity, so sign up now!

Saturday, October 24
$110 lunch included

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